Uganda Humanist Association



Aims and objectives

Aims and objectives


  1. To promote Humanism in the form of a skeptical, rational, scientific, philosophical and liberal human rights culture in Uganda.

  2. To promote social welfare through establishment of:

    (a) Secular Schools which are committed to
    • Rational philosophy.
    • Skeptical, scientific values and attitudes.
    • Democratic leadership principles.
    • Liberal, tolerant and Human rights orientation.
    • Self help and community commitment.
    • Self employment practical skills.

    (b) Health centers e.g hospitals, dispensaries and clinics that:
    • emphasize the rights of patients.
    • Offer affordable treatment to the poor and other marginalised groups.
    • Offer health education to patients.

    (c) Humanist social centres which promote social cohesion across human made barriers and which support self help initiatives, provide entertainment, lectures and books, etc.

(d) Any other projects that may help human beings to enjoy their life on earth as well as environmental projects that guarantee the sustainabilty of mother nature with all the species that it has produced.


  • To educate people about humanism as a free, rational, humane, skeptical/scientific, liberal and democratic life stance and approach to human life challenges.
  • To promote unity of people despite natural and artificially created barriers which include race, tribe, religion, social status and political affiliation.
  • To advocate for human rights especially for the despised minorities.
  • To oppose religious, racial and ethnic fanaticism and fundamentalism.
  • To carry out projects that promote social welfare and environmental concern.



Our identity is guided by our humanist beliefs, commitments and concerns:


-We believe that science, reason and free inquiry are responsible for human civilisation and are a key to the future of humanity.
-We believe in human rights for all people including the despised minorities
-We believe in the right of human beings to make individual choices as they determine the course of their lives.

-We believe that human beings should contribute to personal, communal and societal development and harmony.
- We believe that our unity and mutual concerns as human beings are more significant than our differences.
- We believe that full pluralistic democracy based on the rule of law is the best political system to guarantee and protect our rights and obligations as citizens of Uganda.

-We believe that the world can only be explained with scientific and rationalist principles.We are aware that there is still a lot to be discovered by fellow humans who apply science and rational philosophy.
-Where as we despise superstitious claims, we accept people who practise beliefs that are not dangerous and not exploitative to people’s lives.


We are commited:

  • To building a non- superstitious, rational and scientifically minded society in Uganda.
  • To promoting unity and tolerance among people.
  • To instil a culture of human rights concern and activism.
  • To build confidence in our fellow Ugandans to live the one life they have, purposely and with dignity.
  • To preserve the environment for ourselves and for the generations to come.
  • To promote our positive African cultures and history that were ruined with the influx of alien beliefs and traditions.


We are concerned and wish to cause change to the following situations:

-Negative superstitious beliefs that exploit and ruin lives of especially poor illiterate and semi-literate Ugandans.These include: witchcraft, human sacrifice, mass suicide, faith healing and profit oriented beliefs.
-Denial and violation of rights especially of despised groups such as women, children and minorities basing on cultures and beliefs

-Dictatorial political tendencies that culminate into wars, political and economical exploitation of Ugandans.
- Inadequate social welfare standards that are not fully accessible to the underprivileged Ugandans

-The current education system. This system emphasizes theoretical examinations rather than life/practical skills and attitudes and tends to produce citizens that are not fully empowered to depend on their education to live a qualitative life that is not compromised with corruption and exploitation.


Uganda Humanist Association (UHASSO) was founded by Makerere University students and other leading personalities from the general public who looked forward to a modern, democratic and tolerant society that is not bogged down by primitive, expoitative tendencies that are/were responsible to disunity, anarchy and underdevelopment.

These young Ugandans wanted a new approach based on the centrality of the potential and rights of a human being to determine his/her life on earth.We were tired of the divisive tendencies of our elder citizens based on ethnicities, religions and politics.

UHASSO was first registered as an N.G.O. in 1996.

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