Ugandan Humanist Effort to save Women




We, the female young Ugandan humanists, have decided to make our constitution. Any validity of action and objectives shall be answered through this constitution.


Our motto:“For scientific and democratic approaches to human challenges"


The name of the Organisation shall be Ugandan Humanist Effort to SaveWomen (UHESWO).


  • To educate women about humanism e.g. free inquiry, skepticism, rationalism and science.
  • To advocate for Human rights i.e. Women’s and girls’ rights .
  • To oppose oppressive religions, cultures and dogmas that keep women and girls in a bondage.
  • To encourage moral excellence, positive relationships, human dignity, compassion and cooperation amongst women.
  • To seek ways of solving problems of life without the dogmatic authority of secular or religious institutions.
  • To eradicate poverty amongst women.

Article Three: MEMBERSHIP

Membership of this organisation shall not be restricted on the basis of race, colour or national origin.

Full members: All active(full) members shall be female humanists aged from 18 to 35 years.

A member must pay dues and attend UHESWO meetings/activities to be recoganized as an active (full) member. A full member has the right to vote for the Executive Board members, voice opinion and to participate in UHESWO activities.

Associate: Male humanists and female humanists above 35 years with no voting privileges.

Honorary: Shall be a woman who has strongly fought for the Women’s and girls’ Rights.

Membership privileges may be revoked if a member is involved in actions intended to disrupt the general well being of UHESWO.

Article Four: OFFICERS

The Chairperson is the head of our organisation. She must delegate tasks and take challenges to the general body meetings. The Chairperson shall represent our organisation internally and externally. She shall be a co-signatory to all accounts of the organisation.

The Vice-Chairperson shall deputize the chairperson.

The Secretary shall record and dictate notes in both the Executive Board and general body meetings. She shall be a co-signatory to all accounts of the organisation.

The Treasurer shall handle the monetary concerns of this organisation and shall be a co-signatory to all accounts of the organisation.

Publicity secretary shall deliver all the necessary information to the members of the organization and shall disseminate information about the organization to the general public.

Committee members: There shall be three committee members who shall be assigned specific roles by the E-board.

Term limits: The officers and the Executive Board members shall maintain office for three years. All E-Board members are eligible for re-election.

Impeachment and removal from the office. The officers and E-Board may impeach any Executive Board member who is not fulfilling her duties. Process of impeachment shall be ratified on a later date by the general body.


Elections shall take place every after three years during the last week of May.

Any full member shall cast votes secretly.

Nominees for the office shall present their views in an open forum and respond to questions posed by members.

In event of a tie, the general body shall re-cast ballots for one or two nominees.

In the event that an individual is incapable of holding office, the officers and E-board with accordance of the general body shall nominate another qualified persons. After nominations, re-election must take place immediately.


The primary advisor shall be a member of Uganda Humanist Association (UHASSO) to which UHESWO shall seek affiliation. The advisor shall be selected by the officers and the E-board

The advisor will be dismissed if he or she garners a vote of no confidence by the officers of the E-board (Executive board). The advisor shall offer guidance and support to our organisation, but has no voting privileges.

Article six: MEETINGS

The general body shall meet at least twice year. The officers and E-board shall meet whenever needed.

The chairperson shall preside over both the general body and all E-board meetings. All active (full) members are expected to attend meetings. Attendance in E-board meetings is mandatory.
In a closed forum, the E-board may select the agenda. Special meetings shall be called when needed.

Quorum for all meetings shall be 2/3 of paid up membership.

Article Seven: FINANCE

All membership dues shall be paid by 1 st March of every year.

Article Eight: AMENDMENTS

For proposing and approving amendments of this constitution, the members and E-board shall first notify the general body at least three months before the general body meeting that is intended for election of new officers.


Ratification shall take place by notifying the general body. After notification, the officers shall vote in closed session.

This constitution shall become effective upon approval by a ⅔ vote of the membership.


UHESWO Constitution draft Document